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Restorative Seals

What is it?

Restorative seals are part of a preventative maintenance program aimed at keeping well-built, aging roads in good condition. As an innovator in Alberta’s road maintenance industry we are always looking for ways to bring new, tested, and proven products to market. These restorative seals are a cost-effective way to fix failing chip seal, pitting of asphalt surfaces, extending the life of cold-mix roads and bringing recycled asphalt back to life. This is truly a versatile product for a fraction of the cost. Unlike Chip Seal or Micro-Surfacing, our restorative seals penetrate the roads surface adding binding properties that are lost through oxidation. You can expect medium to long-term benefits with these products. We have proven successes here in Alberta and over 30 years of research to support this process in the United States.

CRF Sand Seal

CRF® Restorative Seal is a reinforced or fortified asphalt rejuvenator and sealer. It is designed to restore pavements that have deteriorated past the point at which a straight maltene rejuvenator, like reclaimite, would be beneficial. CRF® penetrates the surface of asphalt pavement, providing lower levels of rejuvenation and fluxing than would pure maltene rejuvenators. However, the product contains some asphaltene content, which allows the emulsion to hold sand and to fill larger voids and cracks.

CRF® is also very effective in rectifying surface flaws on new asphalt pavements. Areas exhibiting poor surface sealing, raveling of aggregate and poor joints and seams are easily repaired with a CRF® / sand application. Also, CRF® provides an excellent seal for hot inplace recycled pavements. It will readily penetrate, seal the surface and further restore the binder. CRF® is also used with various infrared patching systems.

CRF® can also be utilized as a rejuvenating / bonding / coating product with RAP millings. It is diluted 1:1 with water and either pug mill or blade mixed, placed using a paver or grader, then compacted. CRF® is generally utilized with RAP millings contaminated with base aggregate that requires coating and a binder.



  • Does not “dry out” and become brittle
  • in depth penerating seal
  • flexible properties allows it to be resilient to temperature fluctuations
  • can be used to rectify surface flaws on  new asphalt
  • asphaltenes give the seal a dark appearance


Reclamite® is an asphalt rejuvenator that has been in use for over 25 years. It contains selected maltene fractions that penetrate the surface of asphalt pavements, rebalancing the chemical makeup of the asphalt cement. The product improves the durability of the pavement near its surface, where deterioration begins and progresses rapidly. Pavements in good profile, but exhibiting the early signs of aging – minor hairline cracking, raveling and pitting – will benefit from a Reclamite® application. Reclamite® will flux with the existing asphalt cement, healing minor cracking and restoring the aggregate / asphalt bond. It can also be applied to recently constructed pavements, tightening and sealing the surface and preserving the original, new condition.

Reclamite® is also used as an asphalt rejuvenator with recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) millings. The product is diluted one to one with water and added to the millings at rates between 1% and 1.5% by weight of RAP. Reclamite® can be mixed with RAP in a pug mill or blade mixed on the road, and placed by a grader or paver. Reclamite® fluxes and softens the existing asphalt in the millings, resulting in a consolidated mat and sealed surface.


  • flexible properties allows it to be resilient to temperature fluctuations
  • surface spray application
  • no sand needed
  • heals minor defects 
  • transparent brown appearance
  • can see line markings after application

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