asphalt Repair

Spray patching

Read on Roads has specialized in asphalt repair since 2014. As one of a few companies offering this unique repair method we continue to build superior value in our offerings. Spray patching in Alberta has become a staple in any asphalt maintenance program. This service can repair potholes, wide cracks and alligatored sections of asphalt. Our process begins with cleaning the defected area, then applying a tack oil coat. Once the tack coat is applied we mix a winter spec emulsion (WSPE-1) with small washed aggregate to create a strong wear surface. After these steps we finish the patch with dry rock and pack it to ensure a water-tight and smooth repair. 

This service will not stop a road from deteriorating, however you can expect this service to extend the need for major repairs. Typically, you can expect our product to last up to 3 years depending on traffic volume. Pair this service with our restorative seals and extend the life of that ageing road drastically. 


  • Resilient to extreme temperatures
  • up to 3 years of product life 
  • cost-effective
  • quick application process 
  • fast curing time
  • prevents moisture from penetrating

crack sealing

Asphalt preservation continues to be the most cost effective method for protecting your asphalt. By sealing the cracks in your asphalt you are preventing moisture from penetrating the surface. With our hot-pour rubberized sealant we have experienced our repairs lasting more than five years depending on traffic. Additionally we offer cold-pour sealant for seasonal cost sensitive programs. Both of these services continue to be pillars in any asphalt maintenance program. We have the unique ability to service your needs no matter where you are in the province. Depending on your requirements we offer both Hot and Cold Pour crack sealing services with the option to router. 


  • low-cost
  • variety of sealing methods
  • quick application and curing
  • prevents water penetrating 

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