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Chip Seal

Chip seal

Chip seal or Seal coating has been a long standing resurfacing method. Unlike “Racked In” sealing, this method utilizes the same size of aggregate throughout the process. Our application process can be used in a single, or double chip method depending on the project requirements. Typically a single chip is used on an asphalt surface that is seeing surface defects. This method consists of a single application of oil to bind the aggregate with the surface and followed by a single application of aggregate. Typically this method is utilized in a variety of situations and sufficiently robust. We recommend a double chip on a new base stabilized road or consolidated granular surface. Double chip seals are often more robust than a single chip which allow for a long term alternative to paving.¬†


  • Robust wear surface
  • Long life 
  • can be used in a variety of situations
  • increase skid resistance 
  • reduces water penetration  
  • Slows reflective cracking

Chip seal Repairs

As mentioned previously, chip sealing can be a robust resurfacing method. Like many maintenance services nothing is forever. At Read on Roads we have the unique ability to repair or complete small chip seal projects. This is due to our proprietary “Hydro-Drums” which allow us to utilize tandem axle dump trucks for accurately spreading aggregate. This lowers the cost of mobilization and crew size dramatically. We follow the same technique as traditional chip sealing so we can ensure the proper repair is performed. Our goal is to provide you with solutions for every problem you may encounter no matter the size. So don’t get stuck with a chip seal that is failing early. Repair it and preserve your investment.


  • cost savings
  • long life
  • preserve your investment
  • We Serve all of alberta¬†

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