Restorative Seals

Restorative Seals

Bring that aging road back to life!


Restorative seals are part of a preventative maintenance program aimed at keeping well-built, aging roads in good condition. As an innovator in Alberta’s Road maintenance industry we are always looking for ways to bring new, tested, and proven products to market. These restorative seals are a cost-effective way to fix failing chip seal, pitting of asphalt surfaces and bringing recycled asphalt back to life. This is truly a versatile product for a fraction of the cost when compared to other resurfacing options like Chip Seals, or Micro-Surfaces. You can expect to get up to 5 years of life with these products with proven examples here in Alberta.

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Reclaimite is a restorative seal formulated specifically for aged asphalt that has lost flexibility due to the breakdown and loss of maltenes which is one of the key ingredients in asphalt. Reclamite re-introduces maltenes with a surface spray that adds elasticity and durability to a once brittle asphalt surface. Reclamite is a great product for roads that are structurally sound yet sport an aged surface. Read on Roads has had great success applying Reclaimite on rural airport runways, compacted recycled asphalt, and blade-mixed recycled asphalt.


CRF is a restorative seal designed to repair asphalt that is beginning to lose aggregate, pit out, and become more permeable to water. CRF seals reintroduce both asphaltenes and maltenes into the surface of the asphalt. These ingredients are what gives asphalt its hard-binding characteristics. CRF is great for resurfacing roadways, coating shoulders, and even extending the life of a chip-seal surface. CRF is a great preventative strategy for any customer looking to extend the life of their asphalt road.