Paving Services

Read on Roads specializes in small scale road building operations for smaller urban centers, municipalities, and other budget conscious organizations. With todays high prices for hot mix asphalt our company offers many options to provide strongly competitive products at a fraction of the cost. With products such as mixed in place cold mix asphalt and recycled asphalt roadways we tailor each roadway to the customers needs and budgets.

What we offer

Our capabilities stretch from base stabilization using our MG-30 product, to mixing in place cold mix or recycled asphalt with our Seaman Travel mixer and of course finish grading to create proper drainage and sealed tops regardless of conditions.

With base work being the most important aspect of creating a structurally sound road, our expertise in excavation and sub grading plays a vital role in the final product. Read on Roads stands behind ever excavation or roadbuilding project we have done and will continue to do so in the future. Please contact us today to discuss opportunities for your organizations