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Dust Control Highest Density of Natural Calcium Chloride

Kortech’s Calcium Chloride is a sourced hydroscopic product for the purpose of dust control and road stabilization. This particular product is the highest density of a naturally produced calcium chloride at 1.32kg/L. Having the highest Calcium content allows Kortech’s product to outperform other competing products.

Base Stabilization With Added Dust Contro

MG30 is a calcium chloride derivative manufactured at the Ward Chemical Upgrader facility in Villeneuve Alberta. This non-corrosive product is designed specifically for base stabilization with the added benefits of dust control. MG30 acts as a clay-enhancing agent and subsequently performs well with silty and sandy base conditions. The chemical makeup of MG30 encroaches into the soil allowing for higher compaction ratings by removing air and moisture voids from the soil. This creates a stronger, longer lasting road. Combine this product with any of our dust suppression products to achieve long lasting results.

Natural Bonding Agent Environmentally Friendly

Lignosulfonate is a concentrated pulp and paper derivative that is an inexpensive, effective, Eco-Friendly dust control product. Ligno, as it is commonly referred to is a natural binder creating a strong bond between clay and aggregate to create a hard road surface. Ligno has also been ascribed a registration number by Agriculture Canada for use in animal feeds allowing this product to be a safe alternative for sensitive areas.

Asphalt Oils Reduce Maintenance & Cost Effective

Cut-Back Refined Asphalt Oils

This product is designed as a slow curing asphalt oil for cold mix applications and stockpiles. This is a re-workable dust control product, allowing the client to repair deformed areas using a grader; As opposed to sending patching crews to repair potholes and thus cutting down on labor costs. SC-250 is typically used in areas where a consolidated road surface is desired, but base conditions may vary throughout. For best results use a base stabilizer such as MG-30, or Soil Max before treating the surface.


SC-600 is a high viscosity asphalt oil which creates greater compaction ratings on road surfaces and provides long lasting results. This product is typically suited for heavy traffic areas such as haul roads with a structurally sound base. Maintenance can be done with a grader running sandvik blades, however less maintenance should be required due to the heavier nature of the product.

MC-250 is a medium-curing asphalt oil that carries a lower pen rating than the “SC” oils. This means that once light ends have evaporated from the product, the customer is left with a higher density surface than an “SC” product. Although MC-250 requires a strong base, the product demands less maintenance and has a long-life span.

Asphalt Emulsions

DL-10 is a softer asphalt emulsion designed specifically for surface spray applications. This product works ideally in lighter traffic conditions. Being an emulsion product, DL-10 is not as susceptible to road moisture conditions. Maintenance can be performed by a straight blade grader allowing for easy repairs and touch-ups.

DL-10 Special is a higher residual soft blade mix asphalt emulsion which is designed to consolidate aggregate for high traffic roads. This product will dramatically cut down on gravel loss which will save you in product costs. Much like DL-10 the maintenance can be done using straight blade graders.

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Read on Roads can provide various other emulsion products for chip seals, fog seals, and spray patching.

Free 1m x 3m test patches for our restorative seals. Test it out, you won’t be disappointed!

In order to provide the best possible products, Read on Roads has the ability to collect aggregate samples and create specific mix designs.